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Easy ways to obtain a free minecraft account

The game

Minecraft is a virtual platform that gives you an opportunity to fulfill your wildest imaginations. The gameplay is quite simple but the concept is highly advanced. Players often find themselves addicted to this marvelous game.  A simple rearrangement of pixel blocks allows the players to create a whole new world of their own. There is nothing that cannot be constructed in this game. The game is launched in 2010 and since then the popularity of this game has grown rapidly. It is considered as one of the best selling games over the net. A general statistic shows that around 6,238,239 accounts have been sold. The cost of these accounts is quite high and is currently worth of €19.95. As it has been mentioned earlier that the game is quite addictive, hence players try to find ways to obtain free minecraft accounts. But obtaining these free minecraft accounts is a tough challenge.

Ways to obtain free accounts

There are many websites which offer legitimate accounts of minecraft and that too for free. Freepremiumminecraft is one such website that gives away free minecraft accounts in exchange of some insignificant work. The users need to register to this site. They will be asked to complete some surveys in order to gain a free account. After completion of the surveys, the sites get paid and they offer minecraft accounts to the eager users.

These may sound very easy but the tough part is to identify the authenticity of these types of websites. There are many fake websites which promise you a free minecraft account whereas in reality they don’t own any legal accounts. These sites spam your mail with irrelevant business links to profit their own needs. Some of these sites do offer free minecraft accounts but these accounts are mostly hacked and illegal. If these accounts get detected, they get banned by the administration. There are few ways to distinguish between the real and fake sites. You can check the review and feedback section of these sites. If the site is genuine, then there will be feedback from actual winners. Private information is not needed and if any site asks for it, then the site is not genuine.


Internet is filled with traps and the enthusiast gamers must take precautions against them. They should check the copyright laws of the sites and must verify the ways these sites obtain the accounts. There are many torrents available for account generator or key generator. These are mainly viruses and are used to corrupt your computer.

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